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"Orange County Auto Dealer Fleet Sales Information"


  • Automobile manufacturers sell their vehicles only to franchise dealers and make a profit.
  • Automobile dealers sell vehicles to every other person or business, and make a profit.
  • Automobile Fleet Departments are responsible for ALL sales of these vehicles to businesses and referrals to their departments.


  • Vehicle selling services, both local and on the Internet, sell vehicles and make an extra profit because they have to purchase the vehicle from a dealer.
  • They have to make a profit, Right?
    (Something is wrong with this.  There are two profits involved for you to pay!!!)
    (Now that you know about this, DEAL DIRECT, forget about the "middlemen"!!!)


  • Why not Deal Direct with the Fleet Department of the manufacturers dealer and cut out these middlemen?
  • Why pay an extra profit to a business that might be gone one day when you need help the most.
    Dealers have a tremendous investment in their facilities and are not about to go out of business too fast.  Most have been in business for 10, 20, 30, 40 years or more.


  • What happens when your vehicle needs its normal servicing, minor or major adjustments, or warrantee service?  You go to the local Dealer...

  • If your vehicle needs service where does the buying service send you, because they can't fix it?  
    To the franchise dealer.

Deal Direct with the Fleet Departments of Local Dealers that care the most about the sale and continued service of your new vehicle?  After all, they are the ones you rely on the most day after day throughout the term of ownership!!!

Who do you want to deal with?

The " 'We are not a 'real vehicle dealer', but we pretend we are..."


 "We are the Manufacturers Franchise Dealership that is Authorized to
sell, lease, and service your vehicle, today and tomorrow."

Who's got the best total program for you to
purchase or lease you new car, truck or van?

Your Local Dealer!!!
They stand behind their products, and they will be there when you need them...
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